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KTD Inc. brings you high-speed internet from Exede

Exede from KTD Inc., Effingham, IL

Exede from KTD Inc. embodies the future generation of rural-based online service. It is ViaSat's latest technology in satellite internet services, with results that exceed those of other providers. Download more sizable photos, stream HD films, send e-mail messages more efficiently. This winning mix of high speed optimized bandwidth and wireless technology has made it possible for even those in rural areas to get the connection they deserve.

High Speed Internet Packages

The smart consumer can choose from many package options to accommodate both their needs and their budget. Beginning at the reasonable fee of $49.99, the patron can attain a bandwidth of 10GB each month; ideal for those new to the online universe. It is a light internet offer for research, emails and news updates. And for an extra $30, you can access twice that capacity at 15GB, allowing you to view additional films, transmit more photographs, and supplement your media-rich online experience. This premium package is the most preferred choice by customers who intend to use the net for more than just looking through news articles and checking emails. For $129.99 per month, you get the 25GB package that offers the best of the best in our satellite internet service. This plan is designed for families who use the net all at once from multiple computers, or for those deeply immersed web surfers that deal with massive files. As an added bonus, you get the same great level of customer service with all of our plans that ViaSat has supplied to all of its customers since the company's inception.

Exede - The Best Choice

Another satellite broadband company associated with Dish Network, HughesNet, has similar deals but offers more restrictions. This system reaches a top level of 250MB daily, disallowing customers from getting the most from the Internet and its media rich content. Despite these restrictions, HughesNet is still pushing as it researches new forms of satellite broadband internet.

Cox, Comcast and Time Warner Cable Internet

Time Warner, Comcast, Cox and other cable companies provide online services that restrict customers to just one provider as well as certain geographic regions in which their Internet cables operate. Why should anyone have to change locations, rooms or give up a comfy seat just for the sake of having a smooth connection? Even though cable may not be available in all the areas that satellite is, it is still a popular choice amongst many households.

Google Fiber - Verizon FiOS

Utilizing the speed of light, Google Fiber and Verizon FiOS connect you to the net with fiber optic cable. Despite the fact that these companies still need to run cable to your house, like traditional cable internet, fiber optic bandwidth is capable of being much greater than its electrical counterpart. It may, however, be years before you can experience this engorged bandwidth if you don't already have access. Running thousands of miles of cable takes a long time for just a couple of companies to do.

Satellite Internet Technology

Introduced in 2012, this new type of satellite was developed from the newest and best technology in the world. With ViaSat's Exede, you get the best of both worlds: fast, solid internet and satellite reliability regardless of your location. Due to our high-tech wares and quality service, we provide you satellite connection using the high-resolution Ka band bandwidth that guarantees faster and uninterrupted internet speed.

This stunning mixture of superior Internet technology has been melded and perfected to supply an unbeatable online experience. Do it all--and quickly--with a bit of help from Exede Broadband Effingham, IL from KTD Inc..